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Copy one of these files FR.php or EN.php with two language letters. Look at ”internet letters” countries list column.

Open file with a text editor and translate texts between double quotes.

Sample : $lang['link_save']=“Sauvegarder”; can be translate by $lang['link_save']=“Save”;

Don't write any double quote inside text. HTML code can be used (  for non breaking space).

Others words to be translate are in inc_settings_pers.php file, but they can be translate with Tools / Settings menu.

The two first rows are for your name and email :

// Write here your name and email
$lang['lang_author'] = "John Smith";
$lang['lang_email'] = "";

The two following rows don't be modified :

// Don't translate these 2 rows
$lang['version'] = "1.01";
$lang['date'] = "06/01/2006";

After translation send me your XY.php file if you want that community used it.

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