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User manual

Used this softawre is quit easy. All screens are showed on following preview :

Screens to search and displaying info

Screen to send an address by email

Lists screens

Tools and Settings screens

Imode screens

Index screen

Countries or categories links to search all addresses. Last updated address can be acceded by the same way.

AdrOnLine first page can be this one or Search page, (See Tolls / Settings menu).

Address search with web

You just have to input one or few words and then click on Search button.

Search is done as if you had input *word to search*. For zip code it's a 94* search.

You can used these characters :

  • ? pour mask only one character : dupon? will find dupond and dupont but not dupon
  • * pour mask no or many characters dupon* will find dupond, dupontel and dupon

You can used too :

  • () to search address with nothing. Example : To search addresses without email.
  • (X) or (x) to search addresses with something. Example : To search addresses with emails.

Search is unsensitive to upper or lower case

Search is sensitive to accent, but accents will be replaced by ?. If you enter buñuel you will find buñuel and bunuel. On crontrary, if you enter bunuel you will find only bunuel. It's better to always input words with accents.

If you input nothing, you will have all addresses. On imode it's not possible to limit size of result page.

If you click on Cancel button, search screen is initialized.


Address search with phone

Access url is the same with a phone. AdrOnLine can switch to the good format, depends of your browser.

In wap or imode you can used theses access keys :

  • Name = 1 to search last or first name
  • Firm = 2 to search a firm
  • Others = 3 to search in all others informations
  • Search link = 0 only to search with a wap phone
  • Search link = * only to search with a imode phone

To display all informations for a person, click on its number or use its access key (only for imode)

You can't modifiy records with a phone.


Input address

All informations are on a single row except :

  • Street can be on many rows by with a 200 characters limit.
  • Comment can be on many rows without limit. Comment accept HTML codes. They will be deleted for email message and for imode page.

Phones :

To input phone numbers, you can used these following syntaxes :

  • 1 23 45 67 89
  • 1-23-45-67-89
  • 123 456 789 etc
  • 123456789 (by it's not eays to read)

Never write the fisrt national number if exists to made the international format (in france inside number is 0123456789 but international format is +33123456789)

This international format is prepared with the country number for a link using callto: or tel: protocol. This one can be used if your material know it, (always with a imode phone, and perhaps if you have a software for that on your PC)

All phones numbers can be personalized by address with syntax :

1 23 45 67 89 : any comment text

You just have to write double point after number and text wtih ou without spaces. 1 23 45 67 89 : any comment text, 1 23 45 67 89:any comment text

Comments are deleted for tel: protocol. If you have 1 23 45 67 89 : comment text : you will see it as it on screen, but link will be callto:+33123456789 or tel:+33123456789


Emails :

Syntax is check after input and a message box tell you if there is a bad email.

Url :

Syntax is not check yet. http:// is add if forgoted.

Personnal Informations

You can write what you want, depends of what you have choosed as titles with Settings screen.

Some samples : Skype nickname, gate code, birthday, floor, etc

As you can write what you want in comment zone, you have to choose utility of these 4 info if you want to separate these info to search them later. By example, if your phone book is a professionnal one, you can used one of these info to store department of your contact. Later you can search persons easily by using Department box.



With this screen you can export all tables in CSV files.

You can download CSV file : if you do it it will be deleted from server. If you don't do it it will stay in subdirectrory sql.

To import addresses in CSV file use Browse button to choose file on your computer and choose options. You will have a report on each rows imported. See Adresses importation for mode details on this operation.

Maintenance :

  • To optimize tables : to compact databse if many addreses have been deleted.
  • To verify tables : to verify index and deleted records with errors.
  • To repair tables : if tables are corupted.
  • Databse backup : to backup all tables in SQL format. You can download SQL file. If you don't do it, file will be keep in subdirectory sql on your server.



Browser title : Title on top of your browser window

Header fisrt row and Header second row : Will be displayed on top of each pages.

CSS file (Template Directory's) : List all xxx.css files found in template/default directory

Language letters (php file in lang directory) : List all xx.php files in lang directory

Default country : List all countries found in table. You have to choose one for each new address. You can change it after.

Menu separator (text) : Someting to separte items inmenus. Samples | or ..:.., or just one space, etc

Default email to send address (or nothing) : Will be write by default, but you can change it before send email. You can let it blank.

From for email header : Will be used for email header for from and Reply-to.

Default signature for email : Your default signature. It can be modified before sending email.

Right link in menu : Name : Text to display

Right link in menu : Url : Full Url for this link

Right link in menu : target : This link can be opened in an new window or in the current one (self).

Protocol for Protocols used to compose a phone number can changed. Input them for each browser : On web, on imode and wap.

Name for free phone 1 and other boxes like this one : Name for free info for all the phone book. These names can't have more than 20 characters.

After saving your settings, you can see them on the next page following the confirmation page.

You can change so :

  1. Logo : Save your picture with the name logo.png and copy it in template/default/pictures directory. For have no logo rename 1pixel.png file in logo.png.
  2. Fonts, colors : copy style.css file in template/default directory with an other name and change it. You must used CSS syntaxes for that.


Address importation

You can import addresses in this application. But you must prepared them in a file with these characteristics :

  • ASCII CSV file
  • You must separate columns with ; or , or Tab
  • Contents have to be inside two quotes like “content” or 'content'
  • Columns must stay in same order than in template
  • You must have same columns count than in template, even you don't used some one
  • You can change columns titles
  • Contents never have the two characters used as separators
  • You can have line feed in Street and Comment columns but they have to be replaced by \n

You can download two spreadsheets to have a template for Calc (Open Office 2) or Excel (Microsoft).

For import an addresses list you have to :

  1. Export your adresses from your actual software in a CSV file
  2. Import this file in template. Use Copy / Paste by column for example.
  3. Verify contents and use formulas to replace line feeds by \n (Just for street or comment columns)
  4. Export spreadsheets in CSV file
  5. Import it in AdrOnLine

Some tips are in templates (not finished yet) :


Technicals details

Browser detection

  • portalmmm = imode
  • wap, windows ce, palm(o|s), pda, midp,symbian, sonyericsson, M3Gate = Wap
  • All others = Web

You can read your browser real name in bottom of pages in demo.


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