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AdrOnLine EN


AdrOnLine is an online application using PHP and MySql database.

Main features :

  • Unlimited number of addresses with categories
  • Civility, first and last name, full address with country
  • Countries list with currency, phone number, GMT zone and some ISO codes
  • Firm and post
  • 8 phones : Main, Gsm, Fax, Switchboard + 4 free phones. You can explain all these phones by person
  • 4 emails : Mains and second one + 2 free emails (messenger, etc)
  • 2 internet url
  • 4 free info. (Skype, gate code, etc)
  • Comment zone of any size

Main functions :

  • Automatic setup on first use, (settings and MySql tables).
  • Usable from an imode or wap phone with some functions. Phones numbers and emails are usable.
  • Usable from Web with all functions :
    • Speed search on all criterions
    • Send all or parts of an adresse by email
    • Links callto: or tel:
    • Can add, modifiy, copy and delete addresse
    • All lists can be modified
    • All lists can be exported to CSV file
    • Importation of a CSV file with addresses
    • Tools to optimize, repair or to backup database in sql file.
  • French / English or any other language, (all words in a file).
  • Settings can be change on line :
    • Titles, style, language, link to extern web, etc
    • Caption of free info. (4 phones, 2 emails, 4 other info.)
    • Default country
    • Default email and signature
  • CSS can be modify.


Install manual

User manual User manual have screen previews to have a quick look to understand application.

Forecast evolutions

Forecast for V 1.02 (:!: = done --> to do)

  • :!: Password access (cookie for web only)
  • :!: Free notes for web & imode without links with addresses to store any informations (personnal numbers, banking info, ...)
  • --> Free notes for wap
  • :!: If a phone number begin by +, country code isn't added.
  • :!: Debbug : Copy an address
  • :!: Link Info on bottom to know browser name (for wap and imode)


  • To choose list columns (on web only)
  • Users management
  • To export an address in VCard


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